Immigration Law

Prestige Solicitors & Associates is registered with The Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA) and can assist you with all your immigration needs in Australia.

Prestige’s immigration lawyers can provide assistance with the following matters of immigration law:

Working Visas

There are different types of working visas in Australia with candidates being assessed through a points-based system which grants points for levels of education recieved, work experience, language capabilities and age. Prestige Solicitors deals regularly with these matters and can assist in sponsoring overseas employees to work in Australia

Student Visas

Australia is a highly popular destination for international students due to its high levels of education and resources. Student visas have different catergories to suit the individual. Prestige Solicitors can help you to finalise the visa that is right for your current situation.

Family Visas

Prestige Solicitors has a high level of experience in family visas, which allows people to bring family members to Australia based on their family ties. As well as this, our immigration lawyers can provide assistance for people to appeal refused visas.

Tourist Visas

Individuals wishing to extend their holiday in Australia may be eligable for a tourist visa. Contact us today for further information in regards to tourist visas and how this could work for you.